Meltblown (M)

Meltblown Non woven fabric is used in a variety of applications such as Filtration purposes (air filters or liquid and gas filterproducts, cartridge filters, clean room filters), Sanitaryproducts (feminine hygiene and disposable diapers), Oil and liquid adsorbents (Picking up oil from wateroraccidental oil spill), manufacture masks such as Triple Layer masks, medical masks, surgical masks and N95 / FFP2 Masks that are critical pieces of personal protection equipment (PPE) and seldom used in battery separators and as insulation in capacitors.

Product Melt Blow non woven fabric
Raw Materials Polypropylene
Meltflow Index ≥ 1800 Gms /10 min
GSM Range 10 gsm to 350 gsm
Color White
S.NO Material
Width 2 Inch to 63 Inch ( 50 mm to 1600 mm)
Bacterial Filtration E >99%
Differential Pressure (IS 16289:2014 Annex C) For less than 25 GSM = < 29.4 Pa/cm2 & For less than 35 GSM=< 49.4 Pa/cm2
Particulate Filtration E 95% to 99.9%
ASTM F2299/F2299M-03 (2010) Oil Absorption Capacity More than 12 times of fabric weight
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